Tore Bahnson
Painter, filmmaker, sculptor

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You can print out any of my paintings and hang them on your wall, or include them in any publication or collection, and you can distribute and show any of my films, as long at it is not for commercial purposes. This also means that my work can not be used to endorse any products, companies, organisations, religions, political parties etc.
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The Secret Miracle
2017. Digital animation. Length 8 min

Facing imminent death, an artist get the ultimate second chance to paint his masterpiece.
The film is inspired by a story by the great argentine author and poet Jorge Luis Borges.
The animation itself is made from cut outs of acrylic paintings.

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The Signal Man
2016. Digital animation. Length 6 min

Charles Dickens wrote the story about the lonely signal man and his fatal encounter in 1866,
after he himself having survived a dramatic traincrash,
which had a profound effect on his subsequent life.

scenepic3.png Up In The Gallery
2015. Digital animation. Length: 5 min

Animation adapted from Franz Kafka's short story "Auf der Galerie"

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nabothumb.png The Neighbour
2015. Digital animation. Length: 5 min

Animation adapted from Franz Kafka's short story "Der Nachbar"

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vicofduty1.jpg A Victim of Duty
. Digital animation. Length: 8 min

At seven o’clock in the evening there was a knock on our door…
Choubert is a man with great respect for authority. One night he must
confront the sadistic policeman that’s suddenly knocking on his door.

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Give It Up! 
2013. Digital animation. Length: 3 min 20 sec.

A digital stop-motion short adapted from Franz Kafka's dystopic "Gib's Auf!",
written around 1920. The story was not published in Kafka's lifetime. 

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2011. Digital animation. Length: 5 min 14 sec.

Living your whole life in a trapeze, can be somewhat lonesome
- even when having a big audience...

Digital stop motion short adapted from Franz Kafka's "Der Erste Leid".

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Sort Mandag
(Black Monday)
1981. 16mm film. Length: 25 min.
Adapted from the short story "The Inner Circles" by Fritz Leiber.






Childrens rhymes by Annette Fahnøe
illustrations by Tore Bahnson
EBook for iPad / iPhone
Published by Tasyideas
Alle mulige billeder
(All kind'a pictures)

Photographs for kids. Softcover 64 pages Published by Frederik E. Pedersen
I nattens mørke
(In the darkness of the night)

Childrens book illustrated by Engelke Toklum.
Hardcover 24 pages
Published by Gyldendal
1972-75 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, architecture and industrial design
1976-87 essays on film, art and computers for various magazines
1977-78 Roskilde University Center, Social Sciences
1983 Danish Film Institutes Workshop
1987 Directing prize winning AIDS info films
1988-94 Computergraphics and animations for film and television 

Free-lance Danish TV

1995 S.1. Kunstforening, Copenhagen (group)
1996 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling / Den Frie, Copenhagen (censored) 

Danmarks Akvarium, Copenhagen 

BUPL Kunstforening, Copenhagen
1997 Forbrugerstyrelsens Kunstforening 

Galleri Luna, Copenhagen (group)
1998 Galleri Luna, Copenhagen
1999 Herlev Rådhus Kunstforening, Herlev 

Nybro Galleri, Copenhagen



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